Pico Authentication Ltd is liberating the world from passwords. We allow you to log in to devices and services automatically without having to enter data, remember secrets, or provide biometrics. Instead we harness your smartphone so that when you approach your computer you’re automatically logged in. When you leave the device locks or logs you out. Easier to use than SSO and 2FA but with better security.

Frank Stajano and I founded Pico at the end of last year to turn the Pico team’s work fixing authentication into something that people can really use. CSIT Labs has offered us just the support we need, and at just the right time.

CSIT Lab’s focus on cyber security, and CSIT’s strong links with industry mean we know we’ll get great mentoring from real experts.

We’re particularly taken by CSIT’s use of the Open Innovation Model.
It’s becoming increasingly clear that while we have some great research, this doesn’t necessarily translate into a product people will want to use and pay for. CSIT’s Value Creation workshops are a really effective way to quickly focus on what our product needs.

Finally, CSIT’s engineering support is unique amongst the cyber security accelerators. By actually helping build the software, we’ll be able to go to potential clients with a real product rather than just the offer of a future solution.

We’re super-excited to have been accepted on to the programme and are looking forward to turning Pico into the product everyone needs to solve their password woes.