Impersonation has value, so Quill allows Enterprises to recognise customers and detect imposters by focusing on their online behaviour.

Quill measures behavioural interactions between user & device and presents a confidence score for the Enterprise to action in real-time.

With one line of code the you can activate any webpage within your Enterprise. After a short enrolment phase Quill learns to recognise your customers and the service produces real-time confidence metrics for you to action.

For Enterprises worried about the cost of breach, fraud reducing trading volumes, or simply where authentication on its own just feels insufficient to protect customers, the Quill service embeds layers of confidence.

CSIT Labs is the perfect hoist for any start-up. The engineering approach is unique, and the calibre of talent second to none. At Circadian we are both incredibly humbled, and excited, by the prospects afforded by CSITs extensive network, and can’t wait to embark on the programme.