Cybershield is a cyber security start up, based in Cheltenham. Its mission is to help companies and their employees from opening deceptive emails.

Cybershield’s software solution uses machine learning to detect phishing and spear phishing emails. We alert employees in realtime, and detect both technical and social engineering attacks

Cynation helps organisations improve their security and compliance posture by providing innovative, automated solutions and services that encompass people, processes and technology, creating an enterprise wide culture which enables organisations to become more resilient and effective against threats.

Distributed Management Systems’ (DMS) new CASQUE product is the second generation of authentication technology which has previously been used by G4S, O2 Airwave and UK’s Ministry of Defence. The new product is called CASQUE SNR has been developed from scratch.

CASQUE SNR is a mutual, multi-factor authentication methodology that includes key distribution and key management.

Hengistbury Software is a cyber security start-up innovating new methods of authentication.

It leverages touch screens to improve security and widen access for people; particularly those with movement limitations.

Serelay started developing its trusted media capture technology back in 2015. At that time ‘fake news’ was not a widely used term but authenticity in digital communications was already emerging as a serious challenge. The Serelay team based in London and Oxford has been tackling it since.